Saturday, November 20, 2010

New York Yankees MLB Dog Baseball Cap Hat XS 80hat

Now you can shade your dog’s eyes with an Officially Licensed MLB Baseball Cap. This is our original highest quality cap. It features an embroidered team logo on a cotton twill cap. Just like the players wear!
  • Officially licensed MLB team merchandise
  • Fully adjustable with velcro side straps and elastic chin strap
  • Embroidered with team logo on the front
  • Made of cotton twill
  • Size: XSmall: up to 20 lbs – excellent for teacup dogs
New York Yankees MLB Dog Baseball Cap Hat XS Image
New York Yankees MLB Dog Baseball Cap Hat XS

Friday, November 12, 2010

Anheuser-Busch Is Suing Major League Baseball 80hat


Anheuser-Busch is suing Major League Baseball for reneging on a renewal of Budweiser's exclusive beer sponsorship rights, the Wall Street Journal reports.
According to the suit, the two parties had agreed to a new sponsorship deal back in April, but weeks later the MLB demanded to renegotiate the pact. The MLB argued that because of a shifting marketplace – likely a reference to the rights agreement ABs Bud Light brand reached with the NFL in May – it deserved higher rights fees.
Anheuser-Busch wants the U.S. District Court in Manhattan to protect the initial agreement, and exclude any other beer maker from reaching an agreement with Major League Baseball.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cardinals Mlb Baseball | Sports Apparel & Souvenirs 80hat

Give me 1 or more rivals for the following MLB teams:
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim -Houston Astros –Oakland Athletics -Toronto Blue Jays -Atlanta Braves -Milwaukee Brewers -St. Louis Cardinals -Chicago Cubs -Tampa Bay Rays -Arizona Diamondbacks –Los Angeles Dodgers -San Francisco Giants –Cleveland Indians -Seattle Mariners -Florida Marlins -New York Mets -Washington Nationals –Baltimore Orioles -San Diego Padres -Philadelphia Phillies –Pittsburgh Pirates –Texas Rangers -Boston Red Sox –Cincinatti Reds -Colorado Rockies –Kansas City Royals –Detroit Tigers -Minnesota Twins –Chicago White Sox –New York Yankees -
Thanks and Good Luck!
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – Oakland AthleticsHouston Astros – St. Louis CardsOakland Athletics – AngelsToronto Blue Jays – Canadians who watch hockey.Atlanta Braves – MetsMilwaukee Brewers – CardsSt. Louis Cardinals – Brew, cubs, AstrosChicago Cubs – Cards, White SoxTampa Bay Rays – Red SoxArizona Diamondbacks – PadresLos Angeles Dodgers – GiantsSan Francisco Giants – DodgersCleveland Indians – White SoxSeattle Mariners -ThemselvesFlorida Marlins – the People of MiamiNew York Mets – Yanks, Phils, BravesWashington Nationals – Mets, O’sBaltimore Orioles – Nats, Red Sox, YanksSan Diego Padres – D Backs, RockiesPhiladelphia Phillies – Braves, MetsPittsburgh Pirates – RedsTexas Rangers – AngelsBoston Red Sox – YANKS, RaysCincinatti Reds – Cubs, PiratesColorado Rockies – PadresKansas City Royals – White SoxDetroit Tigers – White Sox, Indians, TwinsMinnesota Twins – Tigers, Sox, IndiansChicago White Sox – Cubs, Indians, twinsNew York Yankees – Nobody likes them except Yankee fans.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Kinston Indians Unveil New Logo, Uniforms and Caps! 80hat

 The Kinston Indians unveiled their fresh and updated look today at Historic Grainger Stadium, celebrating their first major logo and uniform change since 1995.
“the new, fresh look updates the classic K-Tribe style that our fans love,” says Assistant General Manager Janell Bullock.  “We blended together current favorites and updated some great designs we already had.  New look, same tradition!”
New K-Tribe caps and other merchandise are available for purchase now at or at the Indians front office at Historic Grainger Stadium.
The K-Tribes new logo features the wording Kinston Indians over an updated bat and feather design.  the Indians home uniform features a bat and feather K on the cap, with the familiar Indians over the bat and feather logo on the front of the white uniform tops.  the team’s away uniforms feature a red K on the New Era Caps
with a grey uniform top featuring Kinston over the bat and feather logo.  the Indians alternate blue uniforms feature the new red K logo on the front of the uniforms.  the team’s alternate hat will stay the same, featuring the familiar I with feather.  the team’s batting practice New Era Caps will feature the classic lone feather look, but will be updated with a red outline on the bill of the cap.
Studio Simon teamed with the Kinston Indians to create the updated K-Tribe identity.  Studio Simon has worked with over 50 affiliated and independent minor league clubs in 20 leagues on the development of complete brand identity systems and numerous other projects to help support and build those brands.
In addition to their work in the world of minor league baseball, Studio Simon’s extensive, international list of clients encompasses virtually the entire sports landscape, including football, basketball, hockey, golf, horse racing, track and field and more, and they have worked directly with leagues and teams to brand the sporting world’s biggest events and finest venues.  Their portfolio of work in the aforementioned areas includes the official marks for two Super Bowls and two NFL Pro Bowls, as well as the venue graphics for Dodger Stadium, the venue mark for Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park and the commemorative logo for the final season at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.
The K-Tribe is celebrating the 25th year of affiliation with the Cleveland Indians in 2011.  the quarter century stretch is the longest running affiliation in the Carolina League and the third longest in all of a ball.
For a complete look at the 2011 K-Tribe schedule and to purchase new Kinston Indians merchandise, go to the official website of the Kinston Indians,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jay Sborz Detroit Tigers MLB baseball pitching debut first game 06-22-2010 80hat

Detroit Tigers pitcher Jay Sborz makes his Major League Baseball pitching debut on Tuesday, June 22 2010. He drilled the first two batters he faced in his career. This video is upoaded as is, uncut, from the Detroit broadcast. This video is copyrighted, so I hope you get to see it before somebody deletes it.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Japanese Born Pitchers Who Played In MLB 80hat

The Oakland A's have won the rights to sign Hisashi Iwakuma to a contract.

Here's a list of all pitchers born in Japan to pitch in Major League Baseball (min. 10 IP) -
Rk Player ERA+ IP From To Age G GS GF W L W-L% SV BB SO ERA HR BF Tm  
1 Takashi Saito 200 299.1 2006 2010 36-40 292 0 182 17 13 .567 84 94 366 2.19 19 1195 LAD-BOS-ATL Miyagi, Japan
2 Akinori Otsuka 171 232.0 2004 2007 32-35 236 0 96 13 15 .464 39 80 217 2.44 12 951 SDP-TEX Chiba, Japan
3 Hideki Okajima 152 238.0 2007 2010 31-34 254 0 42 16 8 .667 6 81 209 3.06 26 1001 BOS Kyoto, Japan
4 Ken Takahashi 141 27.1 2009 2009 40-40 28 0 5 0 1 .000 0 14 23 2.96 2 116 NYM Yokohama, Japan
5 Kazuhiro Sasaki 138 223.1 2000 2003 32-35 228 0 201 7 16 .304 129 77 242 3.14 24 925 SEA Tokyo, Japan
6 Shingo Takatsu 138 98.2 2004 2005 35-36 99 0 69 8 6 .571 27 40 88 3.38 17 413 CHW-TOT Hiroshima, Japan
7 Shigetoshi Hasegawa 125 720.1 1997 2005 28-36 517 8 191 45 43 .511 33 265 447 3.70 76 3031 ANA-SEA Kobe, Japan
8 Koji Uehara 124 110.2 2009 2010 34-35 55 12 22 3 6 .333 13 17 103 3.58 12 453 BAL Osaka, Japan
9 Hiroki Kuroda 111 497.0 2008 2010 33-35 83 82 0 28 30 .483 0 114 362 3.60 40 2071 LAD Osaka, Japan
10 Keiichi Yabu 110 126.0 2005 2008 36-39 100 0 25 7 6 .538 1 58 92 4.00 9 564 OAK-SFG Mie, Japan
11 Daisuke Matsuzaka 110 585.1 2007 2010 26-29 98 98 0 46 27 .630 0 278 542 4.18 60 2537 BOS Tokyo, Japan
12 Hisanori Takahashi 108 122.0 2010 2010 35-35 53 12 21 10 6 .625 8 43 114 3.61 13 516 NYM Tokyo, Japan
13 Steve Chitren 107 78.0 1990 1991 23-24 64 0 24 2 4 .333 4 36 66 3.58 8 335 OAK Tokyo, Japan
14 Masanori Murakami 106 89.1 1964 1965 20-21 54 1 21 5 1 .833 9 23 100 3.43 10 357 SFG Otsuki, Japan
15 Tomo Ohka 104 1070.0 1999 2009 23-33 202 178 11 51 68 .429 0 302 590 4.26 140 4620 BOS-MON-TOT-MIL-TOR-CLE Kyoto, Japan
16 Masato Yoshii 101 757.1 1998 2002 33-37 162 118 9 32 47 .405 0 222 447 4.62 112 3219 NYM-COL-MON Osaka, Japan
17 Kazuhito Tadano 98 54.1 2004 2005 24-25 15 4 2 1 1 .500 0 18 40 4.47 6 241 CLE Tokyo, Japan
18 Hideo Nomo 98 1976.1 1995 2008 26-39 323 318 2 123 109 .530 0 908 1918 4.24 251 8462 LAD-TOT-MIL-DET-BOS-TBD-KCR Osaka, Japan
19 Takashi Kashiwada 96 31.1 1997 1997 26-26 35 0 11 3 1 .750 0 18 19 4.31 4 145 NYM Tokyo, Japan
20 Kenshin Kawakami 94 243.2 2009 2010 34-35 50 41 4 8 22 .267 1 89 164 4.32 25 1060 ATL Tokushima, Japan
21 Kazuhisa Ishii 90 564.0 2002 2005 28-31 105 102 0 39 34 .534 0 354 435 4.44 70 2496 LAD-NYM Chiba, Japan
22 Hideki Irabu 90 514.0 1997 2002 28-33 126 80 28 34 35 .493 16 175 405 5.15 91 2236 NYY-MON-TEX Hyogo, Japan
23 Mac Suzuki 86 465.2 1996 2002 21-27 117 67 11 16 31 .340 0 265 327 5.72 67 2126 SEA-TOT-KCR Kobe, Japan
24 Masahide Kobayashi 84 65.1 2008 2009 34-35 67 0 36 4 5 .444 6 18 39 5.10 10 289 CLE Yamanashi, Japan
25 Steve Randolph 84 155.0 2003 2007 29-33 109 6 18 10 7 .588 0 136 134 5.52 22 742 ARI-HOU Okinawa, Japan
26 Masao Kida 82 95.2 1999 2005 30-36 65 2 24 1 1 .500 1 39 68 5.83 9 432 DET-LAD-TOT-SEA Tokyo, Japan
27 Craig House 82 13.2 2000 2000 22-22 16 0 3 1 1 .500 0 17 8 7.24 3 69 COL Okinawa, Japan
28 Jeff McCurry 79 128.1 1995 1999 25-29 111 0 34 3 12 .200 1 63 60 5.89 24 594 DET-COL-PIT-HOU Tokyo, Japan
29 Satoru Komiyama 72 43.1 2002 2002 36-36 25 0 13 0 3 .000 0 12 33 5.61 7 194 NYM Chiba, Japan
30 Kei Igawa 68 71.2 2007 2008 27-28 16 13 1 2 4 .333 0 37 53 6.66 15 337 NYY Oarai, Japan
31 Micheal Nakamura 64 38.1 2003 2004 26-27 31 0 9 0 3 .000 1 9 38 7.51 11 176 MIN-TOR Nara, Japan
32 Junichi Tazawa 64 25.1 2009 2009 23-23 6 4 1 2 3 .400 0 9 13 7.46 4 130 BOS Yokohama, Japan
33 Yasuhiko Yabuta 62 51.2 2008 2009 35-36 43 0 15 3 4 .429 0 24 34 7.14 9 245 KCR Osaka, Japan
34 Ryota Igarashi 56 30.1 2010 2010 31-31 34 0 11 1 1 .500 0 18 25 7.12 4 135 NYM Chiba, Japan
35 Takahito Nomura 49 13.2 2002 2002 33-33 21 0 2 0 0   0 18 9 8.56 2 71 MIL Kouchi, Japan
36 Masumi Kuwata 47 21.0 2007 2007 39-39 19 0 3 0 1 .000 0 15 12 9.43 6 103 PIT

Sunday, November 7, 2010

1962 Washington Senators Mlb Baseball Bobblehead 80hat


Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010 MLB FREE AGENTS 80hat

MLB.gifAccording to the new rule, MLB players with at least 6 years of MLB service time and without a contract for the next season are automatically declared free agents the day after the end of the World Series (Nov. 2). The exclusive negotiation period with the former team was reduced from fifteen to five days, so the players who hit free agency are free to sign with another team since Sunday Nov. 7th.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Major League Baseball Leads The Way By Leveraging Facebook And Twitter Platforms 80hat

MLB’s TagOramic starts by stitching together 360 photos (30 across by 12 down) taken over a 20-minute span during the 7th inning of each game.  The resulting panoramic photo includes everyone who was at the game that wasn’t off buying a hot dog or taking a bathroom break.  By leveraging Facebook Connect, the application allows Facebook members to tag their friends or themselves.  Game 1, in San Francisco, Facebook’s hometown, had over 2,800 people tagged (those with the blue markers over their heads in the photo below taking from  It’s a great way for MLB to give its fans a lasting memory.
Overall, more than 12 million people Like Major League Baseball or one of its 30 teams on Facebook.   While the Yankees lead all teams with 2.3mm fans, the Giants (555,000) beat the Rangers (348,000) in terms of Facebook fans.  This is yet another great example of how Internet surfing is just better for Facebook members.
MLB’s TagOramic Leverages Facebook Connect at Game 1 of the World Series.
Following each of the World Series games, has a wrap up that includes all kinds of stories, videos, photos and stats.  One particularly fun infographic is featured below is referred to as “MLB GAME PULSE: Charting the game’s top moments with highlights and tweets.”  Laid out as a timeline over the course of the nine inning game, the graph below from game 4 reveals that Giants had a higher volume of tweets the entire game, as they dominated in a 4-0 shutout.  Not surprisingly, the tweet volume spiked every time the Giants scored.  The infographic also included video replay of each of the highlights.  This is just another great example of pushing the envelope under the leadership of Bob Bowman, the long time president of MLB Advanced Media.
MLB’s Game Pulse of Game 4 of the World Series.

To follow the chatter on Twitter during the game, we like Tweetbeat, who presented realtime streaming of mentions of both teams in side-by-side viewing.


With over 175 million registered users, Twitter growth continues to accelerate, with over 375,000 new members now joining daily.  With an increasing number of sites leveraging Twitter’s data, we believe the site is well on its way to ubiquity similar to Facebook.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Molina is unanimous selection for Fielding Bible Award 80hat

1288888238 66 Molina is unanimous selection for Fielding Bible Award
TOWER GROVE — St. Louis Cardinals catcher YadierMolina,mlb baseball a two-time Rawlings Gold Glove winner and afavorite to win his third consecutive later this offseason, becamethe first to pull off a perfect sweep in other leading defensivehonor, the Fielding Bible Award.
Molina received a perfect score — a 100 — to become the firstplayer in the five years of the Fielding Bible Awards to be honoredunanimously as the best player in the majors at his position. Thisis the fourth time that Molina has won the Fielding Bible Award atcatcher, tying him with teammate Albert Pujols forthe most FB awards won.
You can find the complete voting info and other details aboutthe award atthe official web site for The Fielding Bible.
The Fielding Bible Awards are an offshoot of The Fielding Biblebook, a work by John Dewan that has attempted to offer betterunderstanding and better metrics for judging defense. each year,Dewan and Baseball Info Solutions convenes a panel of 10 voters todetermine the best defensive players at each position. this year,the panel included Hall of Fame writer PeterGammons, Bill James, Sports Illustratedsenior writer and author Joe Posnanski and acouple “committees,” including the fan vote organized byTom Tango (Tango Tiger). The voters use theMVP-style ballot, meaning they rank the top 10 at each positionwith no. 1 getting 10 points, no. 2 getting nine points and soon.
Molina was listed as no. 1 on all 10 ballots.
From the announcement of Molina’s win that Baseball InfoSolutions put out Monday morning revealing the nine winners:
Hands down, bar none, Molina is the best catcher in Major LeagueBaseball. this is his fourth-consecutive award, tying him for mostcareer Fielding Bible Awards with Albert Pujols, and very nearlyhis fifth as he lost in ’06 by only six points. Factoring in hisruns saved on Misplays and good Plays, Molina saved the Cards awhopping 20 runs defensively in 2010.
Cardinals shortstop Brendan Ryan appeared to bea leader for a Fielding Bible Award, and the awards creator evenpresented Ryan as his favorite for the NL Gold Glove. The advocacywas based on Ryan’s plus-31 at shortstop, the highest for anyshorstop in the majors. (The plus/minus rating measures playsoutside a prescribed zone — a plus — against misses within thatzone.) Ryan, according to Bill James Online, had 24 defensive runssaved. that also led the majors at his position.
When it came to the Fielding Bible Award vote, however, Ryanfinished second, behind the favorite to win a Gold Glove,Colorado’s Troy Tulowitzki. The Rockies’ aceinfielder saved 16 runs, according to Dewan’s metrics.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baseball – San Francisco Giants win World Series 80hat

ARLINGTON, Texas Baseball — What a night for some klutz to step on Mike Murphy’s eyeglasses.
The Giants’ ever-present clubhouse manager has labored for the team since the day the steamer trunks arrived from New York in 1958. He waited more than five decades for a world championship.
It finally arrived on a warm Monday night in North Texas — the sight of it fuzzy to Murphy’s wet eyes but no less rapturous.
Shout it from atop Coit Tower and let the party begin: Yes, the Giants really are World Series champions.
Tim Lincecum pitched heroically for eight innings, and series MVP Edgar Renteria hit the Giants’ most important home run since Bobby Thomson’s “Shot Heard ‘Round the World,” a three-run blast that floated over the center-field wall in the seventh as the Giants defeated the Texas Rangers 3-1 to wrap up the series in five games.
“The boys did it,” Murphy said softly. “Go talk to them. The boys did it.”
For all their Hall of Fame past of Mays, McCovey and Marichal, as well as the glaring destruction of Barry Bonds, the Giants’ first title since 1954 was improbably accomplished by a team of grinders and golden arms who stood in fourth place at the All-Star break.
They walked into the home ballpark of George W. Bush and accomplished their mission, silencing a Texas crowd but warming the souls of the tens of thousands who froze over the years to earn their Croix de Candlestick.
And these Giants gave absolution to so many great players who came so close.
“I can only imagine the frustration,” said first baseman Aubrey Huff, who rubbed his face on a reporter’s sleeve after taking another beer dousing. “This team is legendary in San Fran, man. That’s all I know. We better not pay for a meal the rest of the year, San Fran!”
The Rangers spent more than 150 days in first place. The Giants spent only 17 after May 1. Yet for all their torture, the Giants never played an elimination game this season, they never trailed in a postseason series — and they clinched three consecutive times on the road.
Brian Wilson, their black-bearded closer, threw the final pitch each time. He eschewed the roller-coaster ride with a perfect ninth inning and thrust his arms in the air after Nelson Cruz waved through a slider to end it. Catcher Buster Posey leapt into Wilson’s tattooed arms, and the Giants jumped around, forming clusters of hugs and elation in front of a dismayed crowd.
The party moved into the clubhouse and then back onto the field a half-hour later, where a small but vocal contingent of Giants fans stayed to cheer them on. Giants owner Bill Neukom got hit with a point-blank champagne blast from Juan Uribe, interrupting an interview. Then the genteel corporate attorney jumped up and down in a crazy scene, yelling “Juan, Juan, Juan, Juan, Oooo-ribe!”
“The group we have going wild in this room has a lot of determination and a lot of will, and they wouldn’t be denied,” said Giants general manager Brian Sabean, adding he was proudest for Renteria and for all the behind-the-scenes people in the front office, including late confidants Ted Uhlaender and Pat Dobson.
The Giants pitching staff — including their fully homegrown rotation — held the powerful Rangers to one run in the final 21 innings of the series.
“I can’t speak enough to our advanced scouting and how the pitchers executed the plan,” Sabean said. “And the catcher we have, (Buster) Posey, is really off the charts in terms of his intellect and ability to stay calm in the moment and call the games that he did. This kid’s a genius in his own right.”
Lincecum and Cliff Lee gave the nation the unblinking pitching duel that everyone expected in Game 1. Neither pitcher allowed a runner into scoring position until the seventh, when Cody Ross and Juan Uribe led off with singles.
Huff, who had exactly zero sacrifice hits to his credit in an 11-year career, surprised the ballpark when he sent a bunt up the first-base line.
“You know what, that might have been the best pitch I saw all night,” said a grinning Huff, who would have bunted on his own even if he hadn’t received the sign.
Huff put both runners in scoring position for Pat Burrell, who was benched the previous night and came to the plate 0 for 11 with nine strikeouts in the series.
There was no redemptive moment. Burrell worked the count full but struck out on a cutter. He passed Renteria on his way back to the dugout and appeared to shout, “Let’s go, papi.”
Renteria’s 35-year-old body broke down three times this season and has him thinking of retirement. But he mustered a swing for the annals, lifting a 2-0 cutter that made center fielder Josh Hamilton drift back and back until the wall rudely bumped him.
The Giants dugout celebrated as Renteria calmly rounded the bases. It was his second three-RBI game of this World Series. He didn’t have a three-RBI game all through the season.
And 13 years after his walkoff single won the 1997 World Series for the Florida Marlins, Renteria did it again. He joined Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Yogi Berra as the only players in World Series history to own game-winning RBIs in two clinching victories.
“Unbelievable,” said Renteria, who still hasn’t decided about playing another year. “I just say thanks to the skipper for giving me a chance to be in this situation.”
Huff recalled a meeting at Wrigley Field in late September when Renteria began crying, telling his teammates he wanted to win one more time.
“He broke down, and we all broke down with him,” Huff said. “Since then, I’ve wanted this more for him than anybody. What a leader he is.”
Nelson Cruz hit a home run off Lincecum in the seventh inning, but otherwise the Rangers, for all their claws and antlers, simply looked like deer caught in the headlights.
Lincecum rediscovered the nasty break on his slider and used his changeup to keep the Rangers off balance. He struck out 10 while holding them to three hits.
“I just didn’t want to be complacent,” he said. “I wanted to pitch big in a big game. And this is where we wanted to go. My initial reaction is just “… a lot of excitement and a lot of love for everybody.”
Pitching coach Dave Righetti knew from the moment Lincecum exited an uneven performance in Game 1 that the two-time Cy Young Award winner would be at his best in Game 5.
“After that game, the first thing he said to me was, ‘I’ll be good next time. I’ll be good,’ ” Righetti said. “He was trying to be too calm out there. I said, ‘Let it take you. Posey will rein you in if he has to. Use the adrenaline, because you’ll need it. It’s November.’ ”
It was the Giants’ first ever game in November. It became their greatest month of all.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chicago White Sox Vs Minnesota Twins Live Streaming mlb baseball online broadcast internet tv online Baseball telecast Tuesday,August 17,2010

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White Sox-Twins Preview
The Minnesota Twins wasted no time building their lead atop the AL Central after taking first place from the Chicago White Sox in their previous series.
The Twins will try to further pad their advantage as the teams open a three-game set Tuesday night at Target Field.
Minnesota (68-50) is a major league-best 17-4 since July 24, winning seven of eight to move three games ahead of Chicago (65-53). The Twins took two of three at U.S. Cellular Field last week after they entered the series tied for first.
“It should be fun, I think that’s what baseball’s about,” Jim Thome told the Twins’ official website. “It makes it fun for each city to root for both teams. I know our fans will be excited.”
Chicago White Sox Vs Minnesota Twins Live Streaming mlb baseball online broadcast internet tv online Baseball telecast Tuesday,August 17,2010.Chicago White Sox Vs Minnesota Twins Live Streaming mlb baseball online broadcast internet tv online Baseball telecast Tuesday,August 17,2010.

Major League Baseball Asks Teams to Cut Back on Champagne Celebrations 80hat

It’s about time.  I don’t mean to say I wanted MLB teams to cut back on champagne celebrations, but I was starting to wonder when baseball big wigs would start looking at them as a negative reflection on the league.  Looks like that time has come. Maybe it was brought to light by Josh Hamilton’s ginger ale bath, but according to Hardball Talk MLB sent teams a memo prior to the World Series that provides them with some guidelines for celebrating.  Teams are supposed to “limit” the amount of champagne available for the players to celebrate with — whatever that means — as well as provide an alternative to spraying champagne everywhere, such as non-alcoholic champagne.  There will also be no beer or other types of alcoholic drinks allowed as part of the showers and players can’t bring alcohol onto the field during the celebration.
As much as people are going to hate it, this kind of makes sense.  Telling MLB teams to cut back on the boozing isn’t anywhere near as ridiculous as telling NBA players to turn their headbands right side up.  The showers are a tradition and they definitely make for some memorable moments for the fans, but there’s no arguing it sets a bad example for kids.
We all know how it works: little kids look up to the players and want to be just like them when they grow up.  When they see their idols pounding dozens of Bud Lights every time they clinch a series, you can likely see how that could become a problem.  When they’re dousing little kids in beer to include them in the celebration, you can definitely see how that could become a problem.  But let the backlash begin…

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baseball | San Diego Padres and Chicago Cubs Baseball MLB 80hat

San Diego Padres and Chicago Cubs MLB Baseball TV Live Online Live Monday, August 16.2010.
Watch the scene
Watch the scene
All messages:


San Diego Padres and Chicago Cubs MLB Baseball TV Live Online Live Monday, August 16.2010.
Priest, Cubs San Diego Padres after his pursuers, recently, the National League West, the road trip of 10 hits thirty-two. They know they can 't capacity for self-satisfaction, because it should be easy for the beginning of the journey.
Freshly his best season, the Padres for the first time Monday night, the Wrigley Field of 4 against the Chicago Cubs set a disappointing first.
San Diego (69-47) won six of seven, whose latest series is perhaps the most important symbol of the greatest baseball team surprised not to press plans "T-reduction.
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

NEW ERA x MLB「SF Giants: World Series」59Fifty Fitted Cap 80hat

Congratulations to the 2010 National League Champions, the San Francisco Giants. This season marked their 128th year in for the franchise in Major League Baseball, which had it roots in New York City. As they battle it out in the World Series against the Texas Rangers in game three, Giants fans can show their love by wearing the official on field NEW ERA cap. This bears the 2010 World Series patch. This 100% polyester 59Fifty whicks away moisture from the skin and moves it into the fabric, resulting in a cap that is cool and dry. Performance undervisor is black to reduce glare. Available now

MLB Baseball Pitcher’s Dirty Hat Results in Cheating Accusations 80hat

Texas Rangers Pitcher, Cliff Lee, is one of the fiercest pitchers in baseball these days. And his hat has become the target of plenty of controversy recently. The bill of his cap is smudged with white stuff, and some conspiracy theorists think he’s got some sort of concoction that gives him a little extra advantage from the mound. Most people are comfortable attributing the white stain to sweat and rosin.
Pitchers are allowed to have a rosin bag right behind the mound, and use it all they want for their hand, just not allowed to rub the ball in rosin. But some people even think the high amount of rosin and sweat on the bill of Lee’s hat is giving him that extra oomph he needs to have an unfair advantage against the batters. In a sarcastic response to the questions, Cliff Lee said:
It definitely makes me way better. I know that much. Without that hat, I don’t know if I could do it. I don’t know. It’s rosin is what it is. I go to the rosin bag quite a bit. I touch my hat in the same place over and over. And it just accumulates. I couldn’t pitch without it for sure.
Most people, including the Manager of the Yankees, are not bothered by the soiled hat. And if anyone should be concerned, it’s the Yankees… they are currently down 3-2 in the ALCS, one loss away from elimination from the playoffs. But they realize that Cliff Lee is just a terrific pitcher, and he’s not trying to gain the upper hand with his hat concoction.  The more naive sports watcher might say, “why doesn’t he just wear a clean hat each game?” But those who know how superstitious athletes are, know that you don’t demand someone to change their ritual! How many people have a lucky hat? Rally Cap? Remember Jerry Sloan’s lucky John Deere hat? If Cliff Lee wants to wear a dirty hat all season, more power to him. Heck, if he wants to wear a pink hard hat when he’s off the mound because he thinks it keeps his luck alive, that’s his prerogative!  Go Rangers! And go unique “good luck hats”!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Headrest Seat Cover – MLB Baseball – New York Yankees – Pair 80hat

  • Officially licensed by Major League Baseball
  • Easy slip on installation
  • No tools required
  • Includes pocket on back of cover
  • Product size: 14″ x 10″ inches
Instantly customize your car, truck, van or SUV with this amazing brand new pair of MLB New York Yankees head rest covers. Designed with top quality material for extreme comfort and style. Great gift idea. Black Headrest Covers with centered embroidered team logo. Perfect for vehicles with side airbags or armrests that can’t use traditional universal seat covers.

Retro New Era Snapbacks Re-Upped!80hat

Vancouver Canucks
Following the success of our first shipment of retro snapbacks from New Era earlier this fall, shipment two is NOW AVAILABLE in both locations and features some new cities and teams. Whether it’s one of the (hopefully) 2010-2011 Stanley Cup Champs joints seen above, or you’d rather rep your favourite retro baseball or hockey logos below, these won’t last long!
Winnipeg Jets / Hartford Whalers
Chicago Blackhawks / Los Angeles KingsToronto Blue Jays / Toronto Maple Leafs
Anahiem Angels / Seattle MarinersMontreal Expos / Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees / Boston Red SoxDetroit Tigers / Houston Astros